Travel tips


List of items you are required to bring to Mongolia when you travel.
Trip clothes:
- Long flapped underclothes
- Firm pants
- Warm socks: as many pairs as possible: pure wool socks are recommended since they dry more quickly
- Long flapped t-shirt, which protect your belly and kidney.  

International Travel Checklist

International travel can be an exciting adventure but it can also bring many unpredictable situations, if you are not prepared for those situations they can quickly turn into life threatening situations.  We have put together this travel packing list to better help you plan your next trip.

Wha t to expect in this travel packing list; International travel usually requires a passport.  Most countries also require a visa and possibly even a work permit if you will be conducting company business for an extended period of time.  Visas, which allow you to enter and leave these countries, usually consist of special notations and stamps which are added to your passport by government officials. 


You are almost inevitably going to encounter the residents of the countryside. Things move slowly here and the standards of living you are used to are not the same. Part of Mongolia's charm is its ancient customs and traditions.