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Mongolia Weather Information



Mongolia is also known as the ‘land of blue sky’ and averages 257 cloudless days a year.
The continental climate is extreme, sunshine is intense and there is little to no humidity at all.

Essential Mongolian Phrases


Mongolians get very surprised when a foreigner starts to talk to them, or at least says some words or short phrases, in Mongolian. From the Mongolian point of view, it is very nice that the Westerners visiting Mongolia try to speak some Mongolian with locals even though it is not so easy to pronounce Mongolian words or there is no serious reason to learn it. However, there are many foreigners who speak Mongolian very fluently and amaze locals.

Here are some of the most frequently used words, phrases and simple sentences, useful for travelers.

Addresses of Mongolia Embassies & Consulates


Mongolian Embassy in Austria
Embassy of Mongolia
1/44 Dalman Crescent
O’Malley, Canberra ACT 2606, Australia

Telephone: 61-2-628 629 47

Mongolia Visa Informaton


Visitors must obtain visa approval prior to entry. A tourist visa for Mongolia can be obtained from any Mongolian Embassy or consulate office worldwide.
Visas are valid for 30 days and can be extended through our head office in Mongolia.

Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


Australian Consulate in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Address:    4F, Naiman Zovkhis (Eznis) Building,
                     21 Seoul Street, Ulaanbaatar 14251, Mongolia

Phone:        (+976) 7013-3001

Fax:             (+976) 7013-3014


Mongolia Quick Facts

Mongolia and it's endless steppes, massive ranging mountains, crystal clear lakes and rivers provide variety of activities for both the amateur adventurers interested in exploring the nomadic culture and the experts who have specific dream of adventure in mind.One of the few remaining places where a living history needs no special revival for the tourism industry, Mongolia offers explorers unrivalled hospitality.

The Gobi Desert, Khovsgol Lake and Khangai, Khentii Mountain ranges are real home of breathtaking natural wonders.

Mongolia International Flight Information


International Flights to/from Mongolia

Chinggis Khaan International Airport outside of Ulaanbaatar (located just 18 km to the southwest of Ulaanbaatar) is the only airport in Mongolia that offers international flights. Direct flights are available from Berlin (German), Moscow (Russia), Beijing (China), Seoul (Korea), and Tokyo (Japan).

Accomodation for Mongolia Travel

Ulaanbaatar has luxury, western style hotels. Many of them are centrally located, in walking distances from shops and museums. In the countryside you can stay in Gers of Ger camps. Gers are the traditional felt tents of nomadic herders. Each Ger is furnished with a wood stove and beautifully painted furniture such as beds, a table and stools. Gers are based on double occupancy in most cases. Each Ger camp has its restaurant, western style toilet and hot water showers. Most visitors find their stay in gers, which provide an authentic taste of Mongolian culture and adventure, their most enjoyable experience in Mongolia.